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An Ethic of the Earth, By the Earth, and For the Earth

“Something as important as an ethic is never [invented], conservationist Aldo Leopold wrote. “It evolves in the mind of a thinking community.” At the end of September, we convened twenty-four people in the ancient forests of the Oregon Cascades for the Blue River Quorum. As a sort of ad hoc thinking community, our goal was to jumpstart the evolution of a new ethic to respond more powerfully to the environmental emergencies we face. Ecologists, philosophers, novelists, poets, theologians, social scientists -- we were a disparate group. But we were united by two shared insights:

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Climate Change: Love It or Deny It?

It’s happened again. I’m on book tour with Moral Ground, a call for moral action to avert the worst effects of a warming and degraded planet. The audience is convinced; climate change is real, it is dangerous, it is upon us. They are empowered; nothing is stopping them from dramatically changing how they live on earth.

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What Shall We Give the Children?

All week, I’ve been reporting in from the book tour for Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, writing about the questions I get and what I wish I would have said in response. I’m going to do that again today, but first I want to tell a story.

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