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Can Really Bad Poetry Save the Prairie?

I’ve just returned from northern Illinois, where the highways roll past endless fields of genetically modified, pesticide-drenched corn and soybeans. It’s a monotonous landscape - dried, carcinogenic cornstalks, clacking in a light wind. But it may soon get more interesting.

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Four Fallacies and a Big Mistake

In their arguments against divesting from fossil fuels, Ivy League presidents offer a lesson in sophistry.

It pains this old logic professor to read university officials' arguments against divesting from fossil fuels -- not because their refusal to divest is wrong-headed, although I believe it is, but because their logic is so awful.

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The Pope Plays His Trump Card

When Pope Francis framed climate change as a moral problem and issued a call to conscience, he played a powerful card. That’s because a moral argument trumps - that is, negates the power of -- the usual, self-serving responses, like "reducing carbon emissions will cut into my profits" or "addressing climate change requires sacrifices."

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