Earth's Wild Music

Released February 20, 2021

earth's wild musicEarth's Wild Music gathers Kathleen Dean Moore's new and selected essays about the music she finds in the natural world. At once joyous and somber, Moore celebrates the call of loons, howl of wolves, bellow of whales, laughter of children, and shiek of frogs, even as she warns of the threats against them. Each group of essays moves, as Moore herself has been moved, from celebration to lamentation to bewilderment and finally to the determination to act in defense of wild songs and the creatures who sing them.


"I know that whatever is left of the planet when the pillage ends, that's the world that the children will live in. Whatever genetic song lines, whatever fragments of whale squeal and shattered harmonies are left, that's what evolution has got to work with. Music is the trembling urgency and exuberance of life ongoing. Truly, if we can't save the songs, can we save ourselves?"


Kathleen Dean Moore rings the bell "for every sacred emptiness," and the result is at once heartbreaking and uplifting. Earth’s Wild Music is a love song to a vanishing world.
- Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Pulitzer Prize–winning The Sixth Extinction

These pages contain an almost magical combination of superlatively fine-eyed observation, heartbreakingly deep-felt love, and joyous exaltation. Kathleen Dean Moore is a wild-hearted, clear-eyed poet, a voice of the living world, who urges us into caring, dares us to fall in love.
- Carl Safina, author of Becoming Wild

In this hugely intelligent and captivating collection of essays, Kathleen Dean Moore makes clear what is at stake in the world: "What we do now will change everything forever." Her pages dance to the rich cadences of humpback whales, meadowlarks, and canyon wrens, knowing how fragile their music is amidst the Sixth Extinction of wild species. Her words shimmer to the songs of the last old-growth forests, sensitively attuned not only to their ancient, living memories but also the complex wonders they hold on to. And through her clarity of voice and wise vision of co-existence, she reminds us that we still have a choice as to the path we choose into the future. Earth's Wild Music is both a poignant meditation on extinction and a stirring call to resistance; it brings the radiant songs of the wild world within hearing.
- Julian Hoffman, author of Irreplaceable: The Fight to Save our Wild Places

Kathleen Dean Moore is a celebrant of life, a philosopher in love with the world and enraged by destruction of its bounty. Earth’s Wild Music is a paean and plea for awakening the moral imagination and getting real about facing up to and transforming human destructiveness.
- Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Zoologies

Passionate and poetic, Kathleen Dean Moore creates a splendid ode to the biophonies extant in a shape-shifting world.
- Bernie Krause, author of The Great Animal Orchestra

In this poetic tribute to the beauty of the earth and its inhabitants, Kathleen Dean Moore brings her readers in touch with the spiritual way that natural sounds demonstrate our need to preserve ecosystems. A lovely read.
- Peter Raven, President emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden

An enthusiastic argument that love, care, and defiance may still save the Earth.
- Kirkus Review

Earth’s Wild Music draws the reader in to the sounds of the natural world and provides inspiration to reverse their decline. A compelling and magical read.
- Thomas Lovejoy, senior fellow at the United Nations Foundation and professor of environmental science and policy at George Mason University

Awakening our listening faculty may be the saving grace of our wayward and visually inebriated species. Kathleen Moore is an ambassador for listening, and Earth's Wild Music is a guidebook for how this untapped sense can lead us to fall in love with our true home: the world of nature.
- Paul Winter, seven Grammy-winning saxophonist, composer of "Wolf Eyes"

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