Audio and Video Links

Links to Audio and Video Recordings of Moore's Recent Talks and Interviews

Here's a new podcast of Kathleen interviewed by Matt for HEAL UTAH, an organization working hard to protect Utah from nuclear, toxic, and dirty energy threats. The subject is her new book, Great Tide Rising and the right of children of all species to a stable, life-giving climate. You can get it here.

Kathleen gave the keynote address to the national meeting of the George Wright Society, a gathering of people who manage national parks and other protected areas. In her talking, "Mapping a *New* Geography of Hope: Sliding Baselines, Diminished Expectations, and the Future of Protected Places," she argued, "Yes, we are dealing with a sliding ecological baseline. But that has resulted in a sliding moral baseline, and sliding baselines of imagination and finally hope. I will argue that protected places, your beloved parks, have the power to block the slides, every one." To see her talk on YouTube, click here.

To watch Kathleen speak at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon, please click here. In the talk, "Changing Currents," Kathleen reclaimed her right to moral outrage. "Outrage is a measure of what a person cares about the most – what she loves, what ideals she affirms, what breaks her heart or dashes her hopes."

In Spring 2014, Kathleen gave the keynote to the 350.Seattle conference on compassion and climate change. You can watch it here.

Click here for a conversation with Kathleen along the banks of the East Fork of the Toklat River in Denali National Park, where she was 2014 writer-in-residence. Note the mosquitos and the magnificent river.

Kathleen spoke at the MountainFilm Festival in Telluride in 2013. The interview, conducted by MountainFilm Director, can be found here.

On March 7, 2015, Kathleen keynoted the Interfaith Climate Conference and the Cool Davis gathering. Those talks can be seen here. Kathleen and her dear friend Robin Kimmerer gave keynote addresses at the "Geographies of Hope" conference in Pt. Reyes this spring, 2015. You can hear both talks here.

If you'd like to hear Kathleen’s interview with Curt Meine, one of several "Conversations Around the Green fire," you can find it here. Or, if you'd like to hear it translated into Turkish, go here.

Dan Schultze's interview with Kathleen on countercultural radio KFUG, out of Crescent City, CA, can be found here.

On "Resistance Radio," Derrick Jensen interviewed Kathleen for a rousing hour which you can watch here.

Orion associate editor Scott Gast's interview with Kathleen on her new metaphor for climate action, "The rules of the river", can be found here.