Essays and Papers

Kathleen takes on fracking in a May 11, 2015 article in the High Country News. Find it here:

Kathleen's new essay in ORION magazine, "Rules of the River" (September/October issue), features a new, hopeful metaphor for effective climate action. She discusses the ideas with ORION senior editor, Scott Gast here.

High Country News has an essay by Kathleen in its September 1 issue: Watching the World Go Away," about holding on to the hope of children.

Read Kathleen's new article about the rights of nature: Leaping Lizards! What Might It Mean to Recognize the Rights of Nature? It's online at "What does Earth ask of us? Restraint, respect, and maybe - after all these years - recognition of the rights of Nature. What would that mean? What moral sense does it make? How is it playing out in Ecuador, the first nation to grant constitutional rights to the Earth?"

"Exposing the Logic of Climate Denial," a guest column by Kathleen and Michael P. Nelson in Oregon Live, from Portland's Oregonian.

“What is Morally Required” is Kathleen’s response to a student’s shouted challenge at the Durban climate change conference: “I've stopped settling for what is deemed 'politically feasible' by obstructionists and started asking for what is morally required.”

Read our new article in the Earth Island Journal -- "It's Wrong to Wreck the World: Thirteen Reasons Why".

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