Cigarettes and fossil fuels are a lot alike. They both are hazardous to your health. Both Big Tobacco and Big Oil lie shamelessly to cover up the dangers and continue to make huge profits from selling products that kill people. The government requires warnings about cigarettes to be posted on every package.

So, let’s post warnings everywhere about the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels.

Post warnings on gas pumps, SUV's, cornfields, leaf blowers, tractors, oil tankers, coal trains, electric bills, propane tanks, light switches, everywhere – the sky's the limit.

Below are some stickers and posters you can use:

Hazardous2Health Stickers

Click here to download a PDF which you can use to printer stickers onto Avery #8066 labels.

Hazardous2Health Poster Images

Click here to download the images from the slideshow below (zip format).