Announcing Music to Save Earth's Songs

The Spring Creek Project at Oregon State University is launching a series of original films, inspired by Kathleen Dean Moore’s new book, Earth’s Wild Music, to celebrate and defend all the planet’s howling, warbling, humming creatures.

The Extinction Variations film premiere

Filmed on the concert stage and in the Pacific Northwest's tidepools, volcanic fields, and clear-cut mountainsides, The Extinction Variations is a moving call to action on climate disruption and mass extinction. In a film made by Eric Gleske and Nara Garber, classical pianist Rachelle McCabe's performance of Rachmaninoff's Variations weaves through essayist Kathleen Dean Moore's words, carrying them from despair to bewilderment to hope and moral resolve.

Watch it here

Animal Interludes, twenty 4-minute films, Mondays and Thursdays through March

In each tiny concert, a beloved writer reads a selection from Earth’s Wild Music, accompanied by an original musical performance. Here are the first six films:

January 22: Introduction
Carly Lettero
Rachelle McCabe, piano

January 25: Common Murre
Robin Wall Kimmerer, writer
Erika Nagamoto and Titus Young, strings
watch it here

January 28: Grizzly Bear
Jonathan Moore, ecologist
Tom Foe, experimental guitar
watch it here

February 1: Space Aliens
Kim Heacox, writer
Claire Rousay, electronics
watch it here

Feburary 4: Albatross
Jane Hirshfield, poet
Rachelle McCabe, piano
watch it here

February 8: Dawn Chorus
Lauret Savoy, geologist and writer
Hank Lentfer, recordist
watch it here

February 11: Sapsucker
Elena Passerello, writer
Putu Tangkas Adi Hiranmayena, gamelan
watch it here

February 15: Loon
Charles Goodrich
Jan-Michael Looking Wolf, wooden flute
watch it here

February 18: Passenger Pigeon
Michael Branch
Erika Nagamoto and Titus Young, strings
watch it here

February 22: Bald Eagle
Mosley Wotta
Tom Foe, experimental guitar

February 25: T. Rex
Michael Paul Nelson
Rachelle McCabe, piano

March 1: Meadowlark
Aimee Nezhukumatathi
Jane Rigler, flute and electronics

March 4: Sage Gouse
Lauret Savoy
Mark Weaver, tuba

March 8: Croaker
Elena Passerello
Laura Brophy, fiddle

March 11: Wolf
Kathleen Dean Moore
Rachelle McCabe, piano

March 15: Wolf Pups
Robin Kimmerer
Jazmyn Crosby, experimental vocalist

March 18: Sidewinder
Craig Childs
Jonathan Rodriguez, percussion

March 22: Spadefoot Toad
Gary Paul Nabhan
Jane Rigler, flute and electronics

March 25: Raven
Aimee Nezhukumatathi
Brian Elyo, experimental guitar

March 29: Whale
Ishmael Hope
Mark Weaver, tuba