Let us celebrate the natural world in the languages of literature, science, and silence. Let us tell new stories that invite a deeper kinship with the world. Let us face our grief at the harm we have done and the global results of our disregard. Then we can ask the important questions: What do we make of the wonder and the sorrow? What response is worthy of us as moral beings?


Kathleen Dean Moore speaks on climate activism. She was recently the speaker at an event in Portland, Oregon educating people about industry attempts to move oil, coal and gas through the northwest. To watch a video of her talk, please go to





MORAL GROUND: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril

Edited by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Foreword by Desmond Tutu

Although climate destabilization is a scientific and technical issue, it is primarily a moral issue. MORAL GROUND gathers the testimony of one hundred of the world’s moral leaders, all calling us to honor our responsibilities to the future.

“Could there be a more pressing book topic than the fate of humanity?” – Utne Reader


WILD COMFORT: The Solace of Nature

With stories about kayaking in a snowstorm, wading among salmon in the dark, and cooking breakfast in the desert, Moore offers readers a profound meditation on the healing power of nature.

“In its grounded wisdoms, humility, curiosity, and in the kaleidoscope beauty of its descriptions, Wild Comfort reminds how to see, how to sing; how to welcome, with equal gravity and grace, whatever asks entrance into our lives. It is destined to become a classic.”—Jane Hirshfield


As the true fury of global warming begins to kick in—forests flash to ashes, storms tear away coastal villages, cities swelter in record-breaking heat, drought singes the Southwest, the Arctic melts—we come face to face with the full meaning of the environmental emergency: If climate change continues unchecked, scientists tell us, the world’s life-support systems will be irretrievably damaged by the time our children reach middle-age.[1] The need for action is urgent and unprecedented.

We here issue a call to writers, who have been given the gift of powerful voices that can change the world. For the sake of all the plants and animals on the planet, for the sake of inter-generational justice, for the sake of the children, we call on writers to set aside their ordinary work and step up to do the work of the moment, which is to stop the reckless and profligate fossil fuel economy that is causing climate chaos.

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"If Your House is On Fire: Kathleen Dean Moore on the Moral Urgency of Climate Change" is an 8-page interview in the December 2012 issue of SUN magazine, soon to be available on newsstands. Excerpt: http://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/444/if_your_house_is_on_fire.



Benedictio: For my students

You arrived at the University on a brilliant fall day, with your bike in a box. I watched your mother carry the desk-lamp, trailing its cord, and the laundry bag of clean clothes, watched her wrestle the box of shoes and surge-protectors up the stairs. She looked at you with confidence and pride, and when she looked away, her face tightened against tears.

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